Terms and Conditions


At ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial LLC, we respect the privacy of all our clients and take every precaution to ensure that all of your personal information remains confidential.

We cherish the trust our members place in our team and we honour it by making sure the information they share with us is safely guarded and is never shared with other people. We will not even share all your personal information with other members without your previous consent.

We are aware of how much our members value the personal information they share with us and trust us with. We make sure that trust is never betrayed by taking extremely good care of our data.

You can rest assured that every step of the way, we take the necessary precautions to safeguard your data and that of all our members. We are in the pursuit of helping soulmates find each other, not of selling or sharing personal information.

Terms  & Conditions OF Matchmaking  Services  

By joining ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial LLC, as a member, you are entering into a contract based on the terms and conditions. Payment of the Registration fee and signing the Agreement are clear acceptance of these terms and conditions. ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial LLC may change these terms and conditions from time to time with a written notification of ‘OHT’ members.


The representative of ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial LLC, who has generally explained the Matching Services to the Client, provides the Client with the list of all required documents for submission to ‘OHT’ LLC.

The Client agrees to provide ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial Agency with all the necessary information as well as to submit all the required certifying documents needed in finding and selecting the right match as for your future life partner.  

The Client agrees to engage ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial LLC to provide the Matchmaking services during the Membership period.


After the Client has signed and returned the agreement to ‘OHT’ LLC, the Client has 5 calendar days to revoke this agreement by notifying ‘OHT’ LLC, by an e-mail or in writing. Registration fee is not due to refunding in case of a revoke of the agreement by the Client after the expiry of 5 days period. If the Client withdraws during this time period, the Agreement will be retroactively terminated.


Step 1: Registration and creation of Profile
The representative of ‘OHT’ Matchmaking and Matrimonial LLC will send to the Client an Agreement, Application form as well as a Questionnaire to fill in, and bank details for the payment of the Registration fee for the Matchmaking Services. The Client undertakes to learn carefully about the Agreement and sign it, to complete the Application form and fill in the Questionnaire as well as to provide “Oila Hayot Tayanchi” LLC with all the requested list of documents.

Step 2: Selection and submission of a Proposal
As soon as the Client has Registered Membership, ‘OHT’ LLC will start its selection process in respect of a life partner for the Member. Upon the selection of one of the compatible candidates, the Member will have to make payment for every selected choice before meeting with the potential life partner.

Step 3: Additional Proposals
Procedure outlined in Step 2 of this Article 3 will be repeated upon the request of the Member within the membership period.

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